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What Are The Best Picks Of Chihuahua Collars To Keep Them Safe?

If you’ve just brought your tiny Chihuahua home, then you’re probably thinking about how to choose the right dog collar. Besides choosing a quality Chihuahua harness, buying a collar is important because it’s prescribed by the law. Chihuahua collars should carry the dog’s ID tag and represent a perfect pick for trained dogs. 

Should Chihuahuas wear collars?

Chihuahuas are small in stature but large in character. They are almost always a topic of discussion, especially when it comes to the selection between chihuahua collars and chihuahua harnesses. Thus, both are quite good options. 

However, in most cases, collars are preferred for the puppies who have already learned how to deal with the leash during the walks. A chihuahua collar, such as the chihuahua spike collar that is more ornamental, might be an appropriate accessory for a good puppy to keep them safe and sound every time they venture outdoors. Nevertheless, for those who are still learning or with a tendency to pull, chihuahua harnesses are the usual recommendations so that the pressure is evenly distributed and there is no risk of a neck injury. In conclusion, the decision whether to use a collar or harness must depend on the behavior, comfort and needs of the specific dog.

Is it uncomfortable for Chihuahuas to wear collars?

Chihuahuas, being small dogs with fragile bodies and easily irritated skin, may feel uncomfortable wearing collars all day long. You should be especially careful with collars containing fancy ornaments such as bows, spikes, or zircons. Although these adornments may seem a bit fancy, they are not always suitable for everyday use.

With time, the extra weight and feel of such embellishments abrade against a Chihuahua’s skin causing irritation or the creation of sore spots. This uneasiness is not only physical but also appears in behavioral side. It could bite or scratch the collar in an attempt to relieve the discomfort but this is usually counterproductive and may cause even more skin injury or hair fall. Hence, it is recommended that these ornamental collars be taken off after the walk or outing, giving your pet’s neck region a chance to inhale and heal. Choosing a light and comfortable collar for everyday use and using the more ornamental types for shorter duration events can eliminate this problem and keep your Chihuahua well.

How to take measures for Chihuahua collars?

The collars for chihuahua should fit perfectly. There is no room for mistake, as the fitting should be precise to guarantee the comfort and safety of your small friend. It may seem like measuring the neck of your Chihuahua is a fairly easy job. However, it needs to be done with a little care and attention. The first thing you should do is to get a flexible tape measure. Find the type that is used for sewing because it’s not hard, and will not cause irritation to the skin of your pooch. 

Loosely, wrap the tape around your Chihuahua’s neck at the widest part of the neck, which is usually right below the ears, where the collar usually sits. Be careful to make the strap snug but not tight, two fingers should easily fit between the strap and the dog’s neck. This added room keeps the collar from being overly snug, so your furry friend can still be comfortable.

Keep in mind that the world of chihuahua accessories, such as leashes for chihuahuas and chihuahua harnesses, is huge. Every item needs the proper fit to work and not cause any discomfort. Although a Chihuahua harness may require more measurements, like girth, the neck measurement is an excellent base to begin with. You are guaranteed that your Chihuahua is having fun and is safe at all times while roaming in their trendy and functional apparel by making sure to measure it accurately.

What Are The Best Picks of Chihuahua Collars?

Bling Rhinestone Personalized Chihuahua Collar

Made of superior artificial leather, this collar is durable and gentle for everyday walks. The main feature of this beautiful addition is its individuality; attach the name of your dog in stainless steel letters. Every letter glows with a thousand lights, decorated with glittering zircons shine, that make your pet’s look glamorous.

Styled with the signature belt collar design, it’s not all about aesthetics. It guarantees convenience and a snug fit, perfect for well-trained Chihuahuas who like strutting their stuff in style. This collar is a perfect mix of practicality and style and is a definite accessory for your stylish pet. It’s more than a collar; it’s a declaration of love and concern for your animal, a true reflection of their character and your good sense.

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Chihuahua Flower Leather Collar

This attractive, playful collar for your Chihuahua is made of soft artificial leather, so it doesn’t irritate your dog’s skin. With this Chihuahua collar, every walk becomes a pleasure. Decorated with 3D cute leather flowers, this collar is the embodiment of happiness and grace, which will make your Chihuahua look absolutely stunning on any occasion.

Created both in the name of beauty and practicality, this collar is not only a nice accessory for your Chihuahua. It can be used during everyday walks. The bright colors and one-of-a-kind flower pattern make your dog’s appearance more fun, highlighting its playful nature and your exquisite taste.

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Chihuahua LED Collar

In case you want to give your Chi extra safety and visibility, then LED dog collars are must-have. This Chihuahua collar is padded with a soft polyester fabric and works on button batteries. It comes with a quick-release buckle and metal D ring to attach the leash.

Choose between many colors and sizes, and your pet will be ready in a minute.

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Chihuahua Spike Collar

Comfort meets edgy style! Unleash the rebel inside your Chihuahua with this Chihuahua Spike Collar. Made of high-quality PU leather, this collar is soft and comfortable, allowing your dog to go on any adventure without feeling uncomfortable. However, it’s the audacious metallic spikes that really make this collar different and your furry friend transforms into the icon of canine baddie.

Be it an ordinary walk in the park or some kind of an arrangement where your pet has to reveal a unique individuality. This spiked collar will be the one. It’s punk rock meets plush, and your Chihuahua is the envy of the town. The tough aesthetic of the metal spikes and the soft feel of the PU leather culminate in a collar that is as rugged as it is fashionable.

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Bling Rhinestone Crystal Chihuahua Collars Leash

Welcome to the land of glitter and chic with this shiny collar for your Chi. This beautiful collection is for the Chihuahua which is worth the best of the best. Made from top-grade metal, every collar is a work of art. It’s enlivened with brilliant zircons that glint as your pet walks.

In the middle of this opulent collar is a delightful bone pendant that makes it fun even with its elegant design. Coming in three stunning shades of blue, pure white, and pink, there is a color that will match the personality and style of each Chihuahua. Whether you are going for a posh occasion or just to walk around, this collar and leash set will make sure your pet draws attention from everyone.

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Choosing the best Chihuahua collars: Wrapping up

We all want only the best for our dogs. Therefore, choosing a perfect Chi collar is not an easy task. When we take our pooches to walks, we need to make sure they feel comfortable and relaxed. Just imagine how you would feel wearing tight shoes. So, regardless of whether you pick collars, jackets or sweaters for your Chi, comfort comes first.